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There are many different styles of yoga from quiet and meditative to very energetic. The descriptions in the timetable give you an indication but if you would like further information, just contact the teacher, or turn up and have a go!


'Hatha' is a general term: all yoga is Hatha Yoga but some styles have been given a name to differentiate them, you may hear of styles such as Iyengar, Bikram, Sivananda, Astanga, Scaravelli, Yin, Power, Sun Power, Dynamic, Hot, Integral, Kundalini, Restorative, Vinyasa and many more. Many of these are named after or by the particular teacher who personalised their preferred style.


Most of our classes aare generic - they are not styled in any particular 'brand'. Most of them incorporate physical movements (postures or 'asanas'), breathing practices (pranayama), a little bit of meditation or mindfulness and deep relaxation. Our teachers ensure that the style they teach is appropriate for the people in their class and beginners are welcome.


Some are classes for relaxation and some are physically stronger but they are all accessible to everyone to have a go. 


Is yoga for men too?

Of course! Traditionally yoga was for men only, but the women have taken over because they know how good it is. Reclaim your flexibility men: read this for more: 



Please advise the teacher of any existing medical conditions or limitations before commencing the class. You will be asked to complete a medical declaration for the teacher's insurance purposes.




This class incorporates breathing and mindfulness meditation techniques to help with stress in both body and mind, pregnancy, labour and birth.


We also explore birthing and labour positions, sound and vibration, hypno birthing association to music and visualisations, as well as all the stretches appropriate to pregnancy.


The class is open 15 minutes before the advertised time so that you can arrive early, socialise with other pregnant ladies and maybe even have a cup of tea after a long day at work. Form friendships that continue after birth and take time out of your busy day to bond with your bump in a calm and supportive atmosphere.


The class is suitable for any pregnancy after about 14 weeks. For further information please contact Louise or Kelly as shown on the timetable.


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